Elakkan Homoseksual dan Onani bagi mencegah H1N1

Ha. Tak terkejut dengan tajuk blog FK kali ni? haha. Oleh kerana UTP baru je di buka semula selepas seminggu di tutup gara gara H1N1, so kali ni FK nak kongsi dengan anda semua cara cara nak mencegahnya selain daripada kerap mencuci tangan, pakai topeng dan elakkan berada di tempat yang sesak.

artikal yang dipetik dari bernama ini menjelaskan segalanya..

Unconventional Methods To Prevent Influenza

By Sajad Hussein

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 9 (Bernama) -- Avoiding masturbation and homosexual activities are among preventive measures one could take against Influenza A (H1N1), according to an eminent practitioner of complimentary therapy.

Dr. V. M. Palaniappan said that such activities caused the body to develop friction heat which in turn, produced acid and made the body hyperacidised.

"Thus, the body becomes an easy target for H1N1 infection," he told Bernama, emphasising however, that normal sexual union between members of the opposite sex was absolutely safe.

The former associate professor of ecology at Universiti Malaya has authored several books on complementary therapy called, 'Ecological Healing System'.

Dr Palaniappan said his 33 years of research had shown that high acidity in the body resulted in loss of immunity, thus making people more susceptible to viral diseases like Influenza A (H1N1).

Hence, to prevent acidity, it was essential to consume alkaline food and drinks that could neutralise excess acid in the body.

Dr Palaniappan recommends coconut water, which is alkaline, and therefore could be used as a herbal medicine for the prevention of H1N1.

For example, he said, those who felt feverish and developed a burning sensation while attending to a call of nature because of extreme acidity, could neutralise it by drinking coconut water, twice a day, for three days.

He also recommended orange, lemon and pomelo which, despite containing citric acid, were very rich in potassium and therefore, would not disturb the body's immunity.

According to Dr Palaniappan, excessive physical activity like running a marathon should be avoided as it produced acid due to excessive metabolic activity.

Similarly, he said, keeping late nights without adequate sleep and working without proper rest could also increase the body's acidity which in turn, lowered immunity and made the body vulnerable to viral attacks.

Dr Palaniappan's blog: http://ecohealingsystem.blogspot.com/ discusses the therapy in more detail.


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