Tahukah anda?: X-Ray

Dalam segmen Tahukah anda? kali ini FK akan menceritakan tentang dua orang yang amat berjasa dalam bidang ke'X-Ray'an. Maklumlah selaku seorang pelajar electrical and electronic engineering, rasanya tak lengkap kalau tak berkongsi ilmu yang ada.

Dua orang tokoh yang menerokai radioactiviti dan x-ray ialah Henri Becquerel (1852-1908) dan W.C. Roentgen (1845-1908)

Becquerel was French, a third generation professor of physics. On march 2nd of 1896 he discovered radioactivity. For this discovery, he was awarded the Nobel prize, together with the Curies, in physics in 1903. The unit for the intensity of radioactive source is named after Becquerel. Thus, 1 becquerel indicates that, on average, one atom in the source disintegrates per second.

Roentgent discovered x-rays in the fall of 1895. He immediately understood that the radiation from the x-ray tube has special properties, for example, it was possible to 'see into' a human body. within months this new radiation, called x-rays, was used in medical diagnostics.It was realizes that x-rays could also kill living cells, and the sensitivity for killing varied from one cell type to another. It was easier to kill cancer cells than normal cells. Consequently,it could be used in cancer therapy.

Begitulah para pembaca sekalian, walaupun FK just taip balik isinya dari buku Thormod Henriksen and H. David Maillie, Radiation & Health, tetapi ilmu tentang x-ray ni tetap sampai kepada anda semua. Selamat beramal..


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