If I Can Dream

Hi all. Do you still remember Alex Lambert? The guy who is shockingly eliminated before he made in to final 12 of American Idol season 9. Do you miss him? Do you adore his talent and his look?

Well, if your answer is YESSSS!!!, here is a very good news for you. Now, you can watch Alex Lambert live 24/7 via your computer.

Alex with his new hair cut. But he still have his mullet i guest.

He is moving into the "If I Can Dream" house. If I Can Dream is a web reality show created by Simon Fuller, the guy who created American Idol. This show is documenting the story of six rising star living in Hollywood Hill.

There, Alex Lambert will meet with top music managers and record labels and have the opportunity to perform in front of live audiences at clubs and venues in LA. His fans will be able to follow his every move and will be able to give Alex real-time feedback as he writes and tests out new songs on If I Can Dream.

And, if you are in America, you can also tune into Hulu every Tuesday to watch If I Can Dream for new episodes.

Alex and the other contestant from If I Can Dream

Exited?? So just go to ificandream.com to watch the show now. I mean now.


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